Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Shogun" By Trivium

Shogun: Trivium's Defining Album?

Their are many bands that have come out since the turn of the century that I like. But only one can I trully say that I love. That band my friends is the mighty TRIVIUM from Orlando, Florida on Roadrunner Records.

Trivium is:

Matt Heafy - Guitar/Vocals
Corey Bealiu - Lead Guitar
Paolo Gregoletto - Bass
Travis Smith - Drums

Skip ahead to there current album, 2008's "Shogun." Trivium really is a band that you either totally love or absolutely hate. I've let so many people listen to them and those two answers were always the ones I got. Who knows? This album has so many twists and turns and so many different styles that even the people that hate them would like it.

On the last album, "The Crusade", Trivium took a turn that many people thought was for the worse. The album consisted of more thrashy guitar riffs treading the waters of early Metallica. Singer Matt Heafy's use of James Hetfield-esque vocals didn't help that common perception either. That album did garner many, many more fans for Trivium, it also lost a lot of fans.

On Shogun Trivium took elements of all their previous albums, Ember to Inferno, Ascendency, and The Crusade and morphed those albums into one album. Combining them to make the strongest album from the young band to date. From the opening Samurai-based "Kirisute Gomen"(pronounced Kitty-Stay Go-Main), to the fist pumping "Down From The Sky" all the way down to the twelve minute long epic title track, "Shogun." The album from beginning to end is sonically a great album with blazing guitar riffs, technical and fast guitar solos, tremendous drumming from drummer Travis Smith, and bass work from Paolo Gregoletto not seen in a thrash metal band since maybe even Cliff Burton. Matt Heafy does a good job of mixing his clean vocals, harsh vocals, throaty screams, and even the newest technique he uses, guttoral growls.

If you are a fan of Trivium, a metal fan looking for something new, or just a casual fan, you should give Shogun a try. It's not an overpowering album so that nobody can get into it. It's a sonic album that showcases good musical ability within all parties involved. Give Shogun a try, like many people out their you will either like Trivium or hate Trivium. This is definetly a defining album for them.

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